on the go

Traveling (or going to the movies) can be challenging when you are working around gluten issues. Here are some strategies for coping.

Pack! Ziplock bags of Chex (chocolate, cinnamon, apple cinnamon, corn, honey nut, or rice) should have a home in your car or purse. These will save you when you are stuck somewhere without options.

Figure out the safe junk food. Sometimes a vending machine or gas station is your only option:

Potato Chips

Dorito's - only Cool Ranch


M&M's (be sure to check "May Contain" statement)


Lemon Heads

Snickers (be sure to check "May Contain" statement)

Hershey bars

Most gas stations also carry the little microwaveable Dinty Moore beef stew, which is safe and filling and yummy and only 250 calories!