About Us

We are the Kalamazoo Area Celiac Disease Support Group. We were created to give those people trying to change their dietary lifestyle a resource where they can  discuss any issues and concerns they have in regards to celiac disease. There are many questions that revolve around this disease and we do our best to inform, educate and suggest solutions to many of these frustrating topics.

We are composed of many caring and giving volunteers who help make our support group function and succeed.  Leading our group is Caroline, but the participation and commitment does not end there. Our group members are interested in not only helping those who want it, but also educating those throughout the community about the seriousness of Celiac Disease. We play a major role in educating businesses and restaurants to hopefully include gluten-free products. The purpose of educating the community is not only to help ensure good health but also to make life a little easier and a tad more enjoyable for all those affected. 

We  meet the second Tuesday of each month virtually via Google Meet. When we resume in person meetings, we will be located in the basement classrooms of the Gilmore Center at Bronson Hospital:

*No information is intended to replace medical advice. Please contact your medical professional before making changes to your diet/lifestyle.